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How to Invest 100 rupees in Mutual Fund Through Groww App | Invest 100 rupees and Earn High

Do you want to start investing 100 Rs in a Mutual Fund through Groww app?
YES!! ₹100 is enough to start Mutual fund Investment. Tired of finding the solution to what to do and how to invest?? Then you are in the right place because this article is dedicated to such users who are new, beginners or want to invest in a mutual fund.

As digital transactions grow in India, Groww mobile app helps you to invest in any direct mutual fund at zero fees. Groww gives you the freedom to invest Mutual Fund without any commission or any hidden charges. Investors don’t need a Demat account for investing via this app. For the existing investors, it is possible to move existing regular investments to direct plans so they don’t have to pay any commission and save that amount.

“When the investment amount grows, the difference between returns from direct and regular plans start hurtling the investors. Groww offers direct mutual funds to extend our commitment to add maximum value, provide complete transparency and great user experience to our customers when investing in mutual funds.”

Lalit Keshre, CEO, Groww, says,

It has a completely seamless and paperless registration process through Its mobile app. Investors can find expert recommended mutual funds for different investment needs on the app itself.

Invest ₹100 in mutual fund through Groww App

First of all, users need an account in the Groww App. Groww is available for download in the Google Play. Download link is Given Below:

Groww App Download LINK
Click Here To Download Groww App

Creating an account in the Groww app is a simple task and just takes a few minutes only. For the ease of investors and beginners who want to create a Groww app account, an attachment of video is provided below which will give the detailed step by step description of creating a Groww account.

Create Groww Account

After you finish off creating the account just follow the following steps:

Open the Groww app. At first, you may not find any such mutual fund where you can start investing with just Rs.100. Therefore, in this article, I will mention four such mutual investments where the minimum investment value is Rs.100 and the users can also get some handsome amount of returns.

Recommended Best Mutual Fund to Invest ₹100 Thouugh Groww APP

No. Fund Name Last year returns
1 Aditya Birla Sun Life Corporate Bond Fund (Direct) 10.5%
2 Aditya Birla Sun Life Low Duration Fund (Direct) 9.4%
3 Nippon India Liquid Fund (Direct) 7.5%
4 ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund (Direct) 7.4%

Now, if you want to invest in any of the above mentioned mutual funds then follow the below-mentioned steps:

Investment Process Of Groww App

Step 1:

First, open the Groww app. 

Step 2:

You will get a search bar at the top. There you just search by entering the name of the mutual fund in which you want to invest money. It doesn’t take much time to invest money in a mutual fund but before investing you must analyze the mutual fund properly.

Step 3: Mutual Fund Analysis: 

After searching the name of the mutual fund the specific mutual fund will open. You will be able to see the percent of returns obtained in the last 1 year. You will also be able to see the percent of returns obtained in the last 3 years and the last 5 years. 

Step 4:

You will also be notified about the risk level of the specific fund such as Low Risk, Modaretly Low, Moderate, High Risk, Very High Risk.

Step 5:

The interface will also give you details such as the percent of returns obtained in the last 1 day. So, users please keep in mind that mutual fund returns are been obtained on a daily basis. After taking into consideration the compound effect users will be able to get returns on return and interests on interest.

Step 6:

You will find the NAV graph also which must be understood very carefully. NAV graph is very much useful in checking any mutual fund’s performance. From NAV graph users will get a clear idea of whether the mutual fund’s value is increasing or decreasing with time.

Step 7:

It will also show the mutual fund’s current NAV price. Users can check the rating given to the specific fund by an Expert. 

Step 8:

Fund size will also be shown to the user that total how much amount of money is invested in the fund till date. 

Step 9:

You will also get to see the SIP and one-time investment calculator form where users will be able to get an idea of the expected amount of return. Users will also be shown the mutual fund’s exit load.

Don’t know what is Exit Load/ Exit Charge??
Generally for withdrawing the invested amount before one year user is imposed with a 1% exit load, which is known as Exit Load/ Exit Charge.

Now let’s learn how to invest.

Let’s Invest

Now, after analyzing the mutual fund properly you will get two options

  • One Time
  • Monthly SIP

If you want to invest every month with small amounts then it is called Monthly SIP. Or, if you want to invest your total amount in a single time then it is called One Time investment or Lumpsome investment.

For successful investment follow the steps below:

Step 10:

Click on any one of the options(One Time or Monthly SIP) and enter the amount of money which you want to invest. Users can start investing with Rs.100 as mentioned above. 

Click on SIP- if you want to invest every Month
Click on One Time – if you want to only one Time Not monthly.

Step 11:

Here enter How many amounts you want to invest in Mutual Fund. After entering click on the continue button.

Step 12:

Then just pay the amount entered by you. There will be many payment options available for the ease of users. But please remember, the account you have linked earlier in the Groww app, you have to make payment through that bank’s net banking or UPI facility. 

Step 13:

After successful payment, it will take 3 to 4 days of time to arrogate the unit. After the arrogation of the unit user will get all the details of the investment through email and SMS.

You Can Watch Video to Invest 100 Rs In Mutual Fund Through Groww App

So, it’s a very simple process to start investing in mutual funds at just Rs.100. All you need to do is analyze the funds carefully and select the best possible fund with the highest returns. You need to act wisely in this platform as there are various types of mutual funds. Investing is just a task of a few minutes but choosing the right mutual fund is the actual mission. Hope this article will be helpful for all the investors and beginners who want to start investing in mutual funds.


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